Find out how sports keep the body and mind very good

Sports is very good for human body and mind because if you move every part then every part of your body will work very easily because sports is good for people,

If you feel bad or you don’t feel like anything then you go straight to the field and If you do sports, both your mind and body will be good.

Nowadays, different big cricket stadiums and football stadiums are being built in different countries. Earlier these were not there because now the time is getting better and better in all aspects.

Earlier there was no electricity now every house has electricity which was electricity in the playground. No they used to play during the day but now every field has anen and they.

have charge lights through which they can play at night because at night they have a system that has become a daylight system because the day light is lighting you up at night charge at night. The light that made it can also light you and you can play cricket

Potatoes are a little bit more in other sports but after that potatoes are less then they can play like in football there is no problem if potato is less in football there is no problem in cricket but if you give less light then you can’t see the ball which is your main.

The problem is that those who are into sports always stick to wat ball or football cricket because nowadays day and night are all the same because during the day you get sunlight and at night you can do sports through electricity.

We should have one stadium in each district in each region because there are not so many sports in our region now because of the mobile phone in the modern age but we don’t have the stadiums that are one of the sports because if there were two stadiums then mobile

It wouldn’t have been so effective because nowadays every boy is sitting with his mobile and free fire games are busy with them because if you have a stadium but you can be very easily focused on sports.

Because if you are focused you can do any work very easily your body and If you do a lot of exercise to keep your mind healthy, your sleep and body will feel good. If you feel tired, you will still fall asleep because,

If you want to keep pace with today’s world then your body health and mind should be good otherwise you have to keep pace so I will tell you if there is a stadium in your area or in your nearby village

Then you need to do sports at least one hour every afternoon your body and To keep your mind good because the work you do constantly will become your addiction but to make your body and mind good you must play for one hour every day.

But in your free time do not leave your work but do sports because your work is useless. It is important to do your work and then the time that rings is the time you will focus on sports because playing sports will increase your body and attention and you will be more interested in doing your work.

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