I’ve submitted a post on Sikhenin but it is not published yet, why?

If you are a newly registered user then your current user role is ‘contributor’. In this condition, you can submit your post’s but it will take some time to be reviewed and be approved by the admin.

How can I be pre-approved?

To be pre-approved for publishing posts directly, first of all, you have to submit at least 3 posts maintaining the terms and conditions of Lipikoron. After that, you can submit your author request from here. It may take some time for your request to be approved by the admin.

Why I’ve lost my pre-approval?

If your activity seems to be not good to the admins then you may lose your authorship. When you are making any activity on the site, always try to maintain the terms and conditions of Lipikoron. You can get your authorship back once it is lost. To do so you again have to do the process of getting authorship.