Vuexy v9.3.0 – Vuejs, React, HTML & Laravel Admin Dashboard Template

Vuexy – The Ultimate Vue.js + HTML Admin Dashboard Template

If you’re a developer seeking an admin dashboard that caters specifically to your needs, look no further than Vuexy. Built on Vue.js, Vuexy is a highly customizable and developer-friendly admin dashboard template that boasts a rich feature set. Designed in adherence to the highest industry standards, this template not only delivers speed and ease of use but also offers exceptional scalability. With ultimate convenience and flexibility, Vuexy empowers you to effortlessly build a wide range of applications, bringing your vision to life with minimal hassle.

Create Premium Quality Applications Effortlessly

When it comes to application development, Vuexy stands out as the ideal choice. Our Vue.js admin dashboard template is built on Vue CLI, Vuex, and the Vuexy component framework, ensuring ease of use and extensive customization options that bring your ideas to fruition effortlessly.

Utilize our innovative admin template to craft visually appealing, high-performing single-page applications. These apps will be fully responsive, guaranteeing stunning visuals and seamless functionality across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

The versatility of the Vuexy admin dashboard allows you to build a wide array of web applications, including:

  • Project management apps
  • E-commerce backends
  • CRM systems
  • Analytics apps
  • Banking apps
  • Education apps
  • Fitness apps
  • And many more…

Quick Start with Ease

Vuexy is user-friendly and designed for a quick start, making the initial setup process fast and simple. It provides ready-to-use templates, including two niche dashboards and five functional apps:

  • Email
  • Chat
  • To-do list
  • Calendar
  • eCommerce

Furthermore, Vuexy is well-documented, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience and continuous usage.

Customize to Fit Your Needs

With Vuexy, customization knows no bounds, including unlimited color options. Tailor the template to match your brand identity and specific requirements effortlessly.

Harness the Power of Innovative Features

Vuexy comes equipped with invaluable features to help you create premium quality apps that match your imagination. The admin template includes unique and practical tools such as fuzzy search, bookmarks, a floating navigation bar, dark and semi-dark layout options, advanced cards, and charts. Additional top-tier features comprise:

  • Laravel Starter Kit
  • Pure Vue.js, No jQuery Dependency
  • Created with Vue CLI
  • Utilizes Vuex, Vue Router, Webpack
  • Code Splitting, Lazy Loading
  • Auth 0 Integration
  • Firebase Authentication + Social Logins
  • E-Commerce App with shop, wishlist, checkout pages
  • Algolia search and filter demo integrated with E-Commerce app
  • Data List with Firestore integration using Axios
  • List View
  • Thumb List View
  • App Tour
  • Drag & Drop Bookmarks for rearrangement
  • Carousel (Image Slider)
  • Clipboard (Copy to clipboard)
  • Context Menu
  • Scroll to Top
  • Not Authorized Page
  • Access Control (ACL)
  • i18n Page
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • 3 chart libraries
  • 2 Dashboards
  • SASS Powered
  • Feather Icons
  • 5 Workable Applications (Email, Chat, Todo, Calendar, E-Commerce)
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Google Map
  • Video Player
  • Drag & Drop
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Organized Folder Structure
  • Clean & Commented Code
  • Well Documented
  • FREE Lifetime Updates
  • 6 months of free support included

Experience Exceptional Support

We offer six months of free support to every customer and provide multilingual support for your convenience.

Enjoy Free Lifetime Updates

Every purchase of the Vuexy admin template entitles you to free updates for life. This ensures that you will continuously benefit from enhancements, improvements, and newly added features, ensuring your admin dashboard remains cutting-edge indefinitely.

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