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Trump 2024 Wants to Highlight Involvement with Lawyers as Part of Quietly Protecting Money

Donald Trump’s Manhattan district attorney’s criminal trial is less than two weeks away, with Judge Juan Marchan ordering that neither side can file any new motions without his express permission.


But the ban does not extend to filings by Trump as ordered by Marchan last month. Specifically, Marchan ordered Trump to disclose by Tuesday that he intends to rely on defense counsel’s advice to “produce all discoverable statements and communications within his possession or control” by that date.


“Counsel what exactly is such a defense suggestion, Lisa?” You might be asking that.

As Judge Lew Kaplan (who oversaw both of the E. Jean Carroll trials) explained in his presiding over last year’s trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, it is a collection of evidence that can be used to raise a reasonable doubt in the minds of a jury early on whether a defendant is reasonable. Prosecutors have quickly sufficiently demonstrated his crime or intent to commit the crime in question. Specifically, it consists of proof that an accused: the accused.



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