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Celebrations abounded at Manchester United’s 2024 International Women’s Day Football Summit,

which centered on the theme ‘Stronger Together’. Over 150 guests from a variety of football and business backgrounds gathered at Old Trafford to discuss and blueprint the future of the women’s game, with fan culture,


youth, and commercial investment high on the agenda. The day began with talks between Polly Bancroft, head of women’s football at Manchester United, and Nicky Doucet, chair of NewCo (the body responsible for running the Women’s Football League when it separates from the FA for the 2024/25 season).

As the lepolicyague has evolved into a distinct unit, dedicated and passionate individuals are pushing for its growth, aiming for it to be the world’s most “distinctive, A reflection of the fantastic work Polly has already achieved at Manchester United,



highlighting women’s-specific health research and .


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