Safeplatinum Blogger Template Premium Free download

Safeplatinum Blogger Template Premium  Version Free download
Safeplatinum  Blogger template is a URL shortener template for shortening URLs on Blogspot websites. Safellatinum Blogger template is a template that is useful for protecting download links or specific links. If you want to make money by shortening URLs like Beatle, Adfly and Tinyural websites then this template is the best option for you. Download and install on your blog, add Google AdSense ads to make money.

Safeplatinum is one of the best AdSense friendly shortcut scripts for bloggers with responsive and cool design with professional web interface.

Here are some amazing features of this Blogger URL Short Script for Blogger.

1. Responsive design
2. AdSense friendly URL shortener
3. Easy ad space
4. Click 2x to bring up the link button
5. Generate a Custom URL

How to set up this Safelink template

1. First, you need to create a new blog so that you can redirect the encrypted link.
2. Install this theme now if you have any problem installing any template here.
3. After installing the template, go to the Blogger Dashboard
Go to the Posts section and click the New Post button.
4. Now create a post with unique content on technology, Forex, health, business, or anything else.

5. Put the code at the top of the article in HTML mode after posting.

Code 1

6.Now enter the second code in the middle or bottom of the article in HTML mode.

Code 2

If you have inserted both the codes. please replace the <! – Adsense code -> text with your ad code, then publish the post.

if you want to make another post on your blog don’t forget to insert the above codes in your blog post so that the Safelink works well and there is no error.


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