Laravel Nova version 4.16.1 – Admin Panel For Laravel – Nulled Latest 2022

Nova is finely designed Admin Panel For Laravel. Created By creators of laravel. Nova is created to make you most productive DEV in entire world.

  • Added new indexWidth and detailWidth methods to Image and Avatar fields.
  • Nova now throws a 404 when attempting to replicate a resource that doesn’t exist.
  • Nova will now handle namespaces when generating Resource clases.
  • Nova will now disable the resource table row buttons instead of hiding them.
  • Fixed an issue with partition metrics.
  • Fixed an issue where Tag fields were using the attribute instead of the resource name.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Tag fields when using dark mode.
  • Fixed a visual issue with Heading fields. Heading fields also got a visual refresh.
  • Nova will now use data_set when filling fields to allow for casting json and AsArrayObject attributes.
  • Fixed some visual issues with FileImage, and Avatar fields.

Demo :-

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